Sunday, January 29, 2012


Chelsea, Manhattan

Ate: Mac & Chicharron; Flautas de Pollo; Mejillones - Negro Modelo-steamed mussels with jalapeño, bacon and side of fries; and Margarita Cubana - tequila, tamarind, lime, mint, and jalapeño syrup with a "tajín" rim. 

Art’s Rating: 3.5 / 4 jalapeños

Not 100% Mexican restaurant, but Latino food from all over. Chef Julian Medina (Mexican) has a few other restaurants in NYC. This is his newer restaurant that a friend strongly recommended to me. It was packed, but well worth the wait. I believe the space used to be an old diner - they adaptively reused the space quite effectively, the decor is great, and overall great atmosphere. 

But to the food! The mac was ok (my two friends loved it), but the flautas alone are worth going to! The point of this blog is to find authentic Mexican food - and these flautas reminded me exactly of how my mom would cook them. They were so good. The mussels were great - I didn't want anything too heavy that night, so this was perfect.

The margarita was my favorite. Just spicy enough and the "tajín" rim was so good - reminded me of candy I would eat as a kid when we went to Juarez, Mexico. For those unfamiliar, here a link to the company's website and their products:

Overall, great place.

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